New location for Stugan 2016

Stugan sheds light on the diversity and magnitude of this year’s applicants

 Stockholm, Sweden – 13 April 2016 – Stugan, the non-profit games accelerator launched by Sweden’s most influential video game developers and entrepreneurs, today announced the new location for its 2016 summer program along with details around its applicant submissions. Stugan 2016 will take place in a new location in the locality of Bjursas, which is in the same Falun municipality as last year’s program. The region is a popular ski destination for locals and boasts beautiful landscapes and recreational attractions like lake Bjursen, where the program will be overlooking.  

This year’s program will run from July 8th until August 27th. Stugan received applications from developers from 43 countries across all continents outside of Antarctica. And, submissions ran across all different genres and platforms. 

“We are very excited to return to the Falun municipality for the 2016 program and this new location, which is just as scenic and inspiring as last year’s location,” said Stugan manager Jana Karlikova. “We received twice as many applications as last year with an unprecedented level of quality and are now carefully going through them to pick the final participants.”

Once selected, 20 talented game developers will spend seven weeks with all expenses paid in a traditional Swedish cabin, or “Stugan” in the Swedish countryside, where they will be supported and mentored while building their games. The program is steered by Sweden’s leading individuals in the games industry and developers from the likes of DICE, Good Bye Kansas, Mojang, Resolution Games, Avalanche Studios, Snowprint Studios and others. Top Swedish and international games industry thought leaders will visit the cabin and hold lectures and workshops around their respective areas of focus.

We will be revealing the teams in the coming weeks along with more program details. For more information go to or follow us on Facebook and Twitter


About Stugan:

Stugan is a non-profit organization that organizes the annual accelerator program for aspiring game developers. The word Stugan means “the cabin” in Swedish and is also a throwback to the name of the first Swedish commercial computer game made in 1978. Stugan leverages the expertise of the established Swedish game industry and aims to provide opportunities for shepherding up-and-coming game designers and developers through development, publishing, marketing and more for ensuring a successful games launch. Stugan is supported by individuals including Oskar Burman, General Manager of Rovio Stockholm; Tommy Palm, CEO and co-founder of Resolution Games and Karl Magnus Troedsson, VP of group strategy at Electronic Arts (EA). For more information visit, Facebook and Twitter

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Jana Karlikova