So happy you're interested in spending your summer building games in Stugan! Our application process runs from February 8th to March 31st 2018. As the application process closes, top candidates will be contacted for further interviews.


Sounds good, what’s needed from me to apply?

•   You have a great idea for a game, with at least a tiny bit of code to prove your project

•   You/your team are committed to spend this summer in Stugan, in the countryside in Sweden

•   Your team consists of one, two or max three people at a time at Stugan (the majority of the team has to be in Stugan)

•   You have a clear goal to reach during your stay in Stugan

•   You are willing to have your development documented through video and text during your stay in Stugan, and the media exposure given to you by your participation



Ok, so how do I apply?


You apply through email, and your email needs to include the following:

•   A short written description of you/your team (max 200 words)

•   A short written description of your game (max 200 words)

•   A short written description of your goal. What will you try to achieve in Stugan? (E.g. Create a Kickstarter build, create an Alpha, create a finished game to publish on Steam) (max 50 words)

•   A link to a video presentation of your team and your game project that you want to work on in Stugan, keep it short and sweet! (Max 90 seconds long!)

•   By sending the video to us you are giving the rights to your video to Stugan

•   Contact details for you and your team, we need your email, phone number and preferably also your Skype ID.

•   Help us spread the word! Increase your chances of getting selected by being vocal about Stugan on the social media (link to our Facebook page or our twitter)

Remember, try to be as brief as possible presenting yourself and your project. When ready, apply by sending all to


Some basic facts about Stugan

•   Stugan will run in the summer 2018 (the exact dates will be announced, but approximately end of June – mid Ausgust). If you apply to us you should be committed to stay the whole duration of the period, even if you’re allowed to leave if necessary

•   You need to bring your own computer equipment, and all software/tools necessary to complete your project goal. We only support you with food, living quarters, and a peaceful, creative environment!

•   The Stugan workspace will have electricity and a fast internet connection

•   Game industry mentors will frequently visit Stugan, for guidance and support, some of them might stay for a few days

•   Remember, you will keep full ownership to your game! Stugan is a non-profit program, taking no stake in projects or companies

•   We accept applicants from all over the world

Welcome with your application!