26th June - 12th August

Ben and Cukia & Semblance

Nyamakop is a Kenyan/South African studio formed by Cukia Kimani and Ben Myres. Cukia AKA 'Sugar', won an award for his game 'Boxer' in 2015 - he's the one who codes the blood magic of the deforming platforms in Semblance. Ben showed a game at Games for Change once, and is the A MAZE Johannesburg programme manager - he designs the puzzles and levels that make up Semblance. Together, Ben and Cukia started Semblance as a university project in South Africa and since then have found investment, shown the game around the world, and collaborated with talented creators on this, and other games. We're excited to learn and collaborate as much as possible with the other creators at Stugan 2017!

Semblance is a ‘playdough platformer’ with deformable terrain, set in a beautiful minimalist world. It’s a game that asks, what if you could deform and reshape the world itself? Semblance takes the idea of a ‘platform’ in a platformer and turns it on it’s head. What if the platform was actually part of the gameplay, part of the way you solved problems? Can’t reach a collectible? In other platformers you might have to come back when you unlock a double jump, in Semblance, you just deform a piece of the ground up so the point you jump from is higher. Nasty spikes in the way? Just deform the ground lower so you can pass by. Semblance takes one of the most saturated and stale genres, the platformer, and makes you think about it in new and fresh ways.

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Henry Hoffman & Splitscreen

Henry Hoffman is an indie game developer from London. After creating the BAFTA-winning game Mush whilst in University, he formed a new studio and recently created the award-winning Hue for console and PC. He comes from an art and design background, but works as a generalist doing programming, art, animation, design, audio and writing. 

Splitscreen is a first-person puzzle game about fractured memories. Playing across multiple screens, different characters must bridge their divides, piecing together fragments of each other's pasts.

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Mario Carballo Zama & Pack n' fold (working title)

Mario Carballo Zama is a developer and artist from Mexico City. He has previously worked on various mobile games including Kleptocats and Muertitos. Pack n’ fold is his first solo game and he’s looking forward to create a complete, entertaining and fun game experience. He’s passionate about code, design and games with great, simple and fun aesthetics.

Pack n’ fold is a rhythm packing simulator where you have to pack clothes and other objects depending on the trip you were assigned, the time you will be away, and where you are going. This game has a story which unfolds based on your packing choices and abilities.

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Lucy Morris & Icebürg (working title)

Lucy currently resides in Hobbit-ridden Wellington, New Zealand and works both as an independent developer, and a Senior UI Designer at a mobile games studio. Primarily a game designer and artist, she comes from a colourful background of many roles in the industry and is at present the sole developer on Icebürg. She loves games with intricacies that surprise and evoke emotion, and has finally defined her games niche as 'semi-realistic things doing semi-unrealistic things'.

Icebürg is a non-violent multiplayer collaborative game where players live the lives of penguins to build and support their own huddles. Waddling along with your friends, you explore, build a home, procreate, and grow your huddle - a zen, (literally) chill game to play lazily with friends that subverts the notion engaging multiplayer has to be driven by fighting. Belly-tobogganing, of course, is optional.

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René Rother & RK3000

My name's René and I am from Germany. I studied graphic design and have been making games in my free time for a couple years, most of which were game jam games.

RK3000 is a Megazord and Godzilla inspired 3D action game about being a huge robot destroying a colorful and stylized city together with up to four players. You punch buildings stomp tanks and shoot your friends butts with one of the picked up extensions like dual wield machine guns or a giant laser sword.

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Amar and Ivan & The Enchanted World


AI Interactive is a microbrewery of indie games based in Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina. We are two friends who make games in the garage together since high school which was a while ago (circa 2000.). Our specialty are simple stylish and peaceful low-poly games for all age groups, something like poor peoples Nintendo. We have released two games on the Android Play Store to humble success and made an uncountable number of experimental games that only our moms and girlfriends have played. Currently we are working on our third project which is a much bigger title and will be released on mobile and PC later this summer (so we hope). Put simply we make games so you don't have to.

The Enchanted World is a puzzle game set in world torn asunder by grief in which our hero is searching for his lost love. On his journey puzzle piece by puzzle piece he brings order back to the world and peace to its various inhabitants who lost their way in the chaos. Every character we meet is impacted by the collapse of the world in various ways and represents one of the five stages of grief (denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance). With their help our hero can overcome the obstacles set in his path as well as help them find their place in the world. The original soundtrack for the game is made by Dino Merlin who is also the main character.

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Anders Nord & The Lost Light of Sisu

Anders Nord is a programmer and game developer living in Stockholm, Sweden. After creating numerous prototypes at jams, The Lost Light of Sisu will be his most ambitious project to date.

The Lost Light of Sisu is an atmospheric puzzle platformer set in different alien environments. The gameplay is heavily physics based and driven by cubes that alter your abilities as you navigate across the galaxy to get home.

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Kubra and Yunus & Cube3

Kubra and Yunus are an indie game developer couple from Turkey. They have been creating minimal puzzle games mostly for mobile devices for 4 years. Both Kubra and Yunus are designers and developers. 

Cube3 is a very simple endless puzzle game based on the ability to think in three-dimensions. It is played on isometric view. The game is played in a 3D 4x4x4 cube. The player can roll, pitch, yaw that main cube with 6 swipe directions. The gravity in this main cube is relative to the game scene. Thus, the gravity direction in that cube changes after every move. While the player controls the cube, the small cubes constantly spawn at the left/right side of the screen to enter inside. The objective is very simple; manipulate the main cube and arrange inside. In other words; to destroy the inside cubes, put together 3 or more same coloured cubes. Finally, if there is no place for entrance of a small cube, game is over.

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Sos Sosowski & Mosh Pit Simulator

Mad scientist of video games. Creator of Thelemite, McPixel and many other games you have never heard of. Formerly a school teacher. Hopelessly addicted to game jams. On a quest to create the worst game ever. Currently working on Mosh Pit Simulator.

Mosh Pit Simulator is a game about wobbly humans that you can punch stretch or throw. The game tells a astory about a mad scientist who deemed bones as bane of humanity and trying to get rid of these developed a special toxin, but as he did that, auto-correct corrected "bones" to "brains" effectively creating a world full of boneless brainless creatures that are out to get you.

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Doanna Neville & Trials of Torden

Doanna grew up in Singapore, a melting pot of eastern and western influences, in an age when genre-defying games were not that hard to find. Having built games and apps for others as an artist and designer, she currently lives in Sweden where she has picked up enough development skills to build her own nerdy games.

Trials of Torden is a strategy RPG game for mobile where you get to play dungeon master in bite sized sessions. Develop NPC heroes by throwing challenges in their path while bestowing aid and treasure. Keep them alive long enough and they may become legend. Your proteges however, may have other plans. 

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Andrea, Marta and Anna & Idearum

Tahutahu studios are represented in Stugan by Andrea Sacchi, Marta Gil and Anna Bobreková who are working at the game Idearum.
Idearum‘s art director Andrea is a game artist currently finishing her Master studies at CICE in Madrid. She has experience as a game and digital artist. Andrea is in charge of visuals of Idearum and came with the story idea.
Marta Gil is a game designer from Valencia. She studied Creation of Independent Videogames and is currently designing levels and mechanics for Idearum, as well as for Afterglow 20.51. She has been part of the crew at the Dreamhack tournament in Valencia.
Anna Bobreková is a writer and scriptwriting teacher from Prague, Czech film academy (FAMU) graduate. Currently working at Idearum’s story and learning by experience what it means to be a game scriptwriter.
Andrea and Anna met in the Czech Republic during an Anomalia workshop. Marta and Andrea met online through GamerELLA, a game jam. The team has not yet been together in one location – until this summer!
There are also Cristina Carrascal and Alicia Guardeño, who can not come to Stugan but will help us from home as UI/UX designer and blueprint programmer and Maggie Bigelow, who is our musician and sound designer, working from Japan.

Idearum is a 3D puzzle platform game for PC. Main character Eidos is a soul trapped in nothingness who got a chance to become a citizen of a perfect city - the Atlantis. Eidos must pass series of tests which are educating and preparing her for the duties of an Atlantean citizen. The player helps Eidos by solving puzzles and successfully pass all the levels.
The game is based on Plato's teachings and myths, such as the Golden Chariot, the Atlantis or the Republic.
Always in the third person, the game is about the player relating to Eidos' situation.
Game visuals are minimalistic: greek patterns, simple palettes and shapes, low poly 3D.

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Mads Vadsholt & The Forest Quartet


I have always been creative with things. Once it was LEGO, then it became Graffiti and now its Games! 
I love making games and especially with friends. That's why my company is called; "Mads & Friends." Unfortunately, friends cost money if you want them to work for you, so I try to do everything myself. It sounds impossible, but it is possible! In the future, I would like to build my own greenhouse dome and fill it with palm tress and grow tropical fruits. Thats my ultimate goal. 

The Forest Quartet is an experimental single player game about getting a jazz band back together. You play as the deceased lead singer of the band who in her spirit form has to metaphysically inspire the band members to make them play again. The Forest Quartet is a musical exploration game intended for the player who wants to feel the atmosphere and listen to the wind in the trees.

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Karina Popp & Ten Mississippi

Karina Popp is a game creator, writer, and teacher working outta New York City. She received her MFA in game design from the NYU Game Center, where she studied the intersections between silliness, game design, and social good. She’s shown work at New York City’s Come Out and Play, created games for Sesame Street and the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and taught at NYU. 

Ten Mississippi is a narrative web game about the mundane motions of a single day, for a single person, in three lives. Wordless, Ten Mississippi tells its story through photographs and sound in ten second increments. The day begins as any other: brush your teeth, drink your coffee, walk the dog… but as Ten Mississippi proceeds, differences between each life emerge. Their commonalities and differences are discovered through living the day over… and over… and over.

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Lucas, João, Victor and Thommaz & Dandara

Six months before graduating in Computer Science, Lucas and João decided that they really should try and shoot for their dream in making games and decided to form a studio. Together, they made a silly game called Magenta Arcade and things just started going from there! Afterwards they started working with artist Victor Leão and musician Thommaz Kauffmann.

Dandara is a direction-less exploration game. Designed initially to be a mobile game that requires the player’s attention, the game ended up being a weird gravity-bending, dream-like adventure in an open labyrinth.


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Marcus, Fredrik and Rasmus & Puppet Fever

Coastalbyte has been making and releasing mobile games for various clients since 2011. In the past 2 years we have developed VR games, and just recently began development of our first major VR product: Puppet Fever

Puppet Fever is a game about managing a puppet theatre using paper cutout puppets. The player can act and play through pre-made adventures or create original stories to share with friends outside of VR. It also features an asymmetrical multiplayer mode where one VR-player acts out hidden words for non-VR-players to guess, like a game of charades.

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