What type of games are you looking for?

We are not looking for any specific type of game. Everything goes, surprise us!

I don’t have a video of my project I want to work on in Stugan. Can I send you a video of the game I have done in the past?

No, unfortunately not. We want you to create an original video for applying to Stugan where you introduce your team and the project you want to work on. Even if you don't have much to show of your game yet, maybe you can describe the game and use concept art?

I’m a game developer and have a great idea but I don’t have a team. Can Stugan help me find somebody to work with on my idea?

Unfortunately not, we can't help you with that. Try using some of the excellent resources online, for example on to get in contact with other indie developers.

Am I going to need a visa for my stay in Stugan?

If you are chosen as one of the participants you might need a visa for your stay in Sweden. If you need a visa, we are going to help you as much as we can. You don’t have to worry about it now. Here is a list of countries whose citizens need a visa for entering Sweden: 

Is there any age limit?

You need to be at least 18 years old by the time of your arrival to Stugan. 

Life in Stugan

There are going to be both men and women in my team. Are we going to have to share the same bedroom?

If you prefer, we'll make sure that men and women in your team won’t have to share the same room.

Are we allowed to work with other people who are not part of our team and are not in Stugan? For example to help us with the music or so.
Yes, you are. We are expecting the majority of the team is living in Stugan but if you need some external help that will be fine.

Will I have to bring my own computer?
Yes, you'll have to bring your own computer and all the tools needed for developing your game. We are going to provide you with the working space, fiber Internet connection and some office supplies (pens, papers etc).

Are we going to have fixed working hours?
No, you are not going to have fixed working hours. You can work day or night, whenever you feel most creative. You only need to keep in mind that your stay in Stugan is not a paid holiday and you are expected to try to reach your project goal.

Do I need to pay for my stay at Stugan?

No, you don't. You only need to cover your travel expenses to and from Stockholm, the rest is taken care of by Stugan.

My game is quite big and it will take more than two months to finish it. Is it ok if Id don't have a finished game at the end of Stugan?

Yes. It is not mandatory to finish the project during the stay at Stugan. We have projects in different stages of development and for some teams it can take a year to finish their game.