Fundraising Dinner 2018

Stugan is hosting a fundraising dinner to raise the money needed for the fourth year. This is important for the actual concept of Stugan, as it is based on people from different companies giving back to the industry.

We have written this page to those who could not make it to the dinner but still wants to contribute.

If I come to the dinner do I have to donate any money?

No! Of course not. If you have received the invitation you are cordially invited to have dinner with your peers. Maybe you can contribute in some other way if you want. 

How much am I supposed to give?

You choose yourself how much you can and want to sponsor Stugan with. The only restriction is that we do not accept smaller amounts because of administration purposes. We have agreed on the smallest limit of 12000 SEK in order to be counted as one of the backers of the project. 

Can my studio/company donate?

Yes but at this point we are looking for individuals who want to give back to the games industry. We are primarily looking for private donations, as we want to keep our neutrality. If this first round of capital is not enough, we will approach the game studios with sponsor packages. You are allowed to donate from a fund or private corporation.

How much money do you need?

We need approximately 1 million SEK to organise Stugan. But we are hoping to raise more in order to secure the event for a longer period of time.

What will the money go to?

If you donate we will share our budget with you. Most of the money from the budget is for the food and lodging for the participants of the third year. 

What will I get for donating?

You will get contributed as sponsor of Stugan on this site, on the actual site and you can feel good about your tribute to talents who are not as fortunate as you are yet.

So again, why are we doing this now?

These are the foundation that Stugan stands for:

·      Enabling new talents to create great games

·      Bridge the gap between school and the game industry

·      Strengthen the image of Sweden as a hub for creativity

·      Give birth to successful businesses

Ok, I am in, how do I donate?

Send your contribution to Swedbank, BankGiro: 627-9160

Mark your payment with your name. If you want to donate anonymously that is also ok of course.


Should you have any questions contact Tommy Palm or Jana Palm.